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The following is an official statement from QSI.

To our valued and loyal customers:

Because of on-going unresolved distribution and support problems with QSIS (QSI Solutions), we are currently unable to supply new aftermarket products to QSIS. At this time, all aftermarket inventory, if it exists, is available only from QSIS.

However, we have heard you loud and clear. QSI is now preparing to manufacture a limited number of Titan-U boards which will be available for sale directly from QSI. These will be sold on E-bay "buy it now" with Paypal being the only method of payment accepted. Details will be forthcoming. These units will support our latest Q3 Emulator Technology. Please let us know if you are interested so we can schedule future runs of product.

Need service?
The Titan-U, the FX-SD, the FX-MT and the FX-DO (used in OEM installations by Atlas, Atlas O and Sunset Models among others, and aftermarket),are supported by QSI.
Other aftermarket product designs (such as the Titan-A, Revolution and Aristocraft) are owned by QSIS and are not the IP of QSI, and are not supported. We will try our best at QSI to resolve individual customer aftermarket problems directed to our e-mail address regarding QSI products, and will do so as long as components are available. This also applies to our legacy products, such as early 3-rail systems and accessories.

If you have unresolved issues with returns or repairs that you have already purchased from or sent to QSIS, we are unable to assist you. You will have to deal directly with them. We will advise if conditions between QSIS and QSI change.

We continue to supply and support our OEM Titan products that are designed for factory installation.

In the mean time, if you need support, drop us an email or come see us at the QSI Yahoo Forum. We monitor this site daily.

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