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What do you get when you combine the horsepower of the FX decoder (Sold by QSI solutions as Titan) with Q3 technology?

We call it "The Emulator"

You won't get any more realistic train operation unless you are sitting in the engineers seat.

Emulator software is now available for download into FX units from QSI Solutions.

Want one? Want several? Of course you do!

FX units, along with Quantum Programmers and Quantum Engineers, as well as Q1 upgrade chips are available from QSI Solutions.

For more information check out the QSI PRESS RELEASE AUGUST 20, 2012

Have a specific question regarding our products? We offer a great resource at the QSI Yahoo Forum. We monitor this site daily.

Detailed user manuals are available at the QSI Solutions download page.

OEM manufacturers or customers looking for 1000 units or more contact QSI directly. Please note QSI does not supply speakers, wire harnesses, individual instructions, or packaging. That is your responsibility. If you need help sourcing these items, please contact us. We can also assist you with the perfect acoustic design of your model for the utmost in sound quality.

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